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Trademarks – Prior art search


Prior art search

Is your trademark really available? And how can you avoid counterfeiting?

Before launching a new product or service and committing costs, it is better to check that your trademark does not run the risk of infringing on a trademark registered beforehand by a third party or by a competitor.

In France, the INPI does not check the availability of trademarks. So, before filing any trademark, it is indispensable to check the availability of it by conducting a prior art search. This prior study must not be limited to searching for identical trademarks. It also has to cover similar trademarks that have spelling, phonetic or intellectual similarities with the sign that you have chosen. It is also suitable to expand the search, in particular to company names, and to domain names.

Databases are available to search for existing trademarks (Google®, INPI, EUIPO, WIPO). But a legal analysis of the elements collected requires specific skills that Cabinet Roman offers.


➢ You want to make sure that you can use a trademark with total peace of mind.

➢ You want to check the availability of a trademark.

➢ You want to prevent potential disputes.


➢ Before filing: we search for and analyze any prior art rights that can affect the availability of your trademark.

➢ We anticipate disputes by searching for prior trademarks, company names or domain names that can hinder the use of a product or service that you are considering marketing, and for which you would risk being accused of infringement.

Want to check if your trademark is available, or know if you are risking infringing on a prior trademark? Contact us!

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