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Invention patents

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An invention can be defined as a technical solution provided for a technical problem.

The invention patent is an industrial property title that offers its holder a monopoly for territorial use for 20 years for the invention that is the object of it.

As such, no third party can manufacture, market, use or import the patented invention on the territory where this invention is protected, without prior approval from the holder of the patent.

The patent is because of this a powerful legal instrument that allows you to take the matter to court in order to uphold respect for your monopoly and condemn acts of infringement.

This is also a competitive weapon which, used strategically, increases your competitiveness and increases your margins.

A patent is finally a financial tool that enhances the capital of your company and makes it possible to generate royalties from operating licenses.

Our team specializing in patent law intervenes in all of the components, whether technical, legal, strategic, economic or financial, linked to your inventions and innovative projects.

Since January 2015, we have been ISO 9001 version 2008 certified for all of our activities linked to Patents. This certification is for you a guarantee of control and transparency in our working methods and our invoicing.


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