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React quickly to trademarks that are similar to yours

Monitoring makes it possible to detect trademarks that are similar to yours by consulting the publication of new registrations on a regular basis.

We inform you of all of the trademarks filed after yours, and which may cause confusion (spelling, phonetic, visual or intellectual similarity) in the countries where your trademark is registered. The objective is to oppose these marks in order to prevent them from being registered.

Indeed, French and Community laws have introduced the notion of extinction of rights due to acquiescence. If the use of a subsequent trademark has been tolerated for a period of five years following the knowledge of this use, the nullity of this trademark can no longer be requested nor can the use of it be opposed. Setting up regular monitoring allows you to detect, at the source, a trademark that may cause confusion, and quickly take action against it within the allotted timeframes.

Monitoring your trademark can be supplemented with the monitoring of company names and domain names.


➢ You want to defend your trademark.

➢ You want to prevent a competitor from being able to maintain a risk of confusion in the mind of the public.

➢ You want anticipative management for your trademark.


➢ We set up automated monitoring for your trademark.

➢ We detect the trademarks that can cause confusion and suggest the solutions that are best suited to put an end to the violations.

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