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Financial evaluation


Financial evaluation

What is the value of your industrial property titles?

A financial evaluation of industrial property titles (patents, trademarks, drawings & models) is conducted in many transactional, accounting or tax contexts.

This evaluation makes it possible in particular to purchase or sell titles at their fair price, to enhance the capital of your company, detect under-evaluated assets or on the contrary those that are over-evaluated, etc.

Several approaches allow for the evaluation of industrial property titles. For example, we can mention:

• The revenue approach: it is considered that the value of the title is equal to the amount of future revenue that using it will provide to its holder. By updating these economic advantages, it is possible to calculate the value of the title.

• The market approach: Reference is made to past transactions in order to establish the value of the title in question. The general idea is therefore to find a similar title for which the price is already known as it has already been through a transaction.

• The cost approach: Here, it is considered that the value of the title is equal to the expenses incurred or those that should be incurred in order to replace it or reproduce it.

Financially evaluating industrial property titles makes use of specific methods that have to be implemented by specialized financial experts.


➢ You want to know the value of your industrial property titles.

➢ You want to make sure that the purchase or sales price of an industrial property title is correct.


➢ We analyze the context in order to determine the best evaluation approach.

➢ We work with specialized financial experts.

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