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Filing strategy


Filing strategy

What strategy should be adopted to protect your inventions?

Filing for a patent is part of an action that is carefully prepared, according to the choices and development perspectives of your company.

The filing strategy will not be the same if you want to preserve an advantage that is already acquired thanks to a patented invention, if you are considering conquering a new market, or if you are considering indirect use in the form of licenses or partnerships. And for certain types of inventions, or with regards to the objectives that you are pursuing, it is even preferable to avoid filing for a patent and favor keeping it secret.


➢ You need to provide optimum protection for your inventions.

➢ You want to make strategic enlightened decisions according to your motivations and your objectives.


➢ We analyze the markets and the geographical territories where your invention is likely to be used.

➢ We define the costs of protection per patent and try to evaluate, with you, the return on your investment.

➢ We evaluate your interests, in particular in the short and medium terms.

➢ In the event of defensive motivation: we file patents that place you in a good negotiating position.

➢ In the case of searching for partnerships and/or investors: we quickly obtain solid patents.

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