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Editorial No. 1

on 10 May 2016 News, Uncategorized with 0 comments

The first words of this editorial go out to all of our teams and service providers which I would like to thank for their strong involvement in this year 2015 full of changes. A new logo, a new website, renewal of ISO 9001 certification for all of our Patent activities.

Since it was created, the visual identity of Cabinet ROMAN has undergone a few changes, while still retaining its fundamentals. Since 2015, we have chosen to adopt a logo and modify the graphics environment of our website. We wanted in fact to progress in modernity and readability. We are keeping our “since 1892” signature in order to portray to our clients our dedication to the business of Industrial Property Consulting, such as we have been practicing it for more than 120 years now.

The year 2016 will continue with this momentum. Our road map has the goal of setting up a new tool for the computerized management of our Trademark/Drawing & Model department. This tool, already implemented for our Patent department, should be entirely operational in the first quarter of 2016. We are also aiming to obtain ISO 9001 certification for all of our “Trademark/Drawing & Model” activities. As such, all of our services will be certified.

This momentum allows us to perpetuate with a passion, for over a century, the practice of industrial property law.

In order to strengthen the privileged ties that we have forged with our customers, a quarterly newsletter will now be available. Subscribers will discover a news update on intellectual property law in France, in Europe and abroad. Focus will be given to certain stakes and practices related to industrial property. A “news” section will cover the latest management tools and services that we offer our customers.

In the current context, let’s remain bold so that our creations and innovations reflect our freedoms. Freedom to undertake. Freedom to create. Freedom to think. Freedom to dream!

Alexis ROMAN