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Drawings – International extension


International extension

Where, when and how can my drawings and models be protected abroad?

In order to develop your presence abroad (exporting, licenses, websites, etc.), you are most often led to extend the protection of your creations geographically.

Once the initial filing has been carried out, you benefit from a six-month priority period to protect your drawing and model abroad, starting from the date of the initial filing. Several channels for extension can be considered:

Filing, according to the La Haye system: the system concerns the international filing of drawings and models. It offers the possibility of obtaining protection in more than 30 countries, by filing a single application, drafted in a single language, with a single Office. This international filing produces the same effects as a national filing carried out directly in each one of the countries designated by the applicant. The La Haye system also greatly simplifies the management of drawings and models, because subsequent changes (transfer, merger, or a change in name, for example) and renewals can be registered with a single simple procedure.

The Community drawing and model: filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), which allows the applicant to obtain protection in the member countries of the European Union. This Community filing confers on the holder the exclusive right to use the drawing or model in question and allow the holder to prohibit any third party from using it at all points of the territory of the European Union.

The foreign drawing and model: Direct filing with the Offices of the countries for which you wish to obtain protection. Each procedure is subject to the national law in effect in the country in question. This channel of protection covers you solely on the territory of the country in question.


➢ You want to make enlightened decisions, that meet your objectives for development abroad.

➢ You want to optimize the costs of procedures.


➢ With you, we analyze the markets and the geographical territories where your creation is likely to be used.

➢ We precisely define the costs of protection in the countries in question and the most appropriate channel for extension.

➢ We evaluate the chances of obtaining registration of the title in the countries that you target.

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