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Drafting patents


Drafting patents

Drafting patents is a matter for professionals

The patent application has to be drafted by fully taking into account the target objectives of the applicant and the filing strategy.

A patent application includes: a description which describes the invention in detail; claims that define the extent of the protection requested; drawings that accompany the description showing the various embodiments of the invention.

The claims form the main element of the patent application in that they define the scope – or the limits – of the exclusive rights which will be granted by the patent. Which is why their wording is important.

A poorly written patent is of no use: you cannot capitalize on it, or take legal action against a counterfeiter.


➢ You would like to obtain patents that provide you with optimum protection, and which meet your strategic objectives.


➢ Before drafting: we search for and analyze the state of the art that can affect the novelty and/or the inventive step of your invention (prior art search).

➢ We work closely with the inventor by consulting the latter on a regular basis and by involving the inventor in the drafting.

➢ We formulate and draft, with the inventor, claims for which the scope and validity are optimal.

➢ We anticipate the risks of circumvention by suggesting alternative embodiments.

➢ We anticipate procedural difficulties by respecting the rules for drafting that are proper to patent law.

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