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Contracts and evaluation


Contracts and evaluation

Drafting contracts and financial evaluation

It is through contracts that most of the issues linked to the acquisition and use of industrial property rights (patent, trademark, drawing & model) and Know-How are settled:

  • Transfer (sale)
  • license agreements (exclusive or simple)
  • co-ownership
  • invention of employees
  • communication of confidential information
  • communication of know-how
  • co-existence of trademarks
  • property and distribution of the rights to use results (inventions or creations) resulting from a collaboration, a partnership or subcontracting.

The industrial property titles (patents, trademarks, drawings & models) held, used or acquired by a company have to be evaluated from a financial standpoint on a regular basis. This knowledge makes it possible to detect under-evaluated assets or on the contrary those that are over-evaluated, with the goal of controlling the financial aspects of an industrial property strategy.

Our team is specialized in contract law in the area of industrial property and intervenes in all of these legal issues. Our team also works with financial experts specialized in evaluating industrial property titles.

Drafting contracts

Financial evaluation

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